Click "Create post..." to start creating a post inline.

Topic in grid view with "Create Post" action highlighted.

  • Enter the Subject of your post.
  • Using the rich text editor, enter a Description.
  • Using the icons at the bottom of the post, add additional content such as rich text, media files, embedded links from the web, code snippets and recorded audio or video directly from your device.
  • Click Preview to see how others will view your post.
  • When you are done, click Publish and your post will be visible to all users in your course.
  • Click Delete to remove your post.
  • Save & Collapse will save a draft of your post so you can return to it later to complete.

Create Post interface with content type icons and save/cancel buttons highlighted.

Save & Collapse

  • Work is automatically saved, if you navigate away from your draft post or click Save & Collapse your work is saved in draft form. 
  • You can continue editing the post by clicking on the post or click Continue Editing.

Topic page header with indicator showing a post is still in draft mode.

Other Actions

  • One or more rows or tiles can be added to your post by selecting the type of row you would like to add . 
  • Rows can be moved up and down to present your material in the correct order by using the arrow up or use the X to delete a row.

Create/Edit post interface with row reordering and deletion icons highlighted.