The annotation tool provides teachers and students with the ability to markup and critique images & videos. This makes for an interactive experience between the instructor and students, allowing students to get feedback quicker and online.

Note: At this time, students are only able to annotate their own uploaded media. Students can view annotations of their fellow classmates' posts according to the topic Visibility Settings set by the instructor.

Creating Annotations

  • Open a Post and click on the image you want to annotate
  • The Image Annotation tool will open below the original image
  • To start Annotating click on annotate and the annotation tools will be visible
  • Select from a variety of annotation tools in the left menu
    • Options for the selected tool will appear at the top including color, opacity, and size

  • Clicking on the callout pin tool allows you to add pins and comments to sections of the image.

  • Add General comments about the image
  • Add an Audio or Video recording about the the image

  • Click Publish when you are done annotating.
    • On the Post the Annotation count will be updated noting that there are annotations on the image.
  • Clicking on the i icon at the bottom of the list of annotation tools will display all of the keyboard shortcuts for the various tools.

Annotation Tool Details

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