Have you ever been in the middle of teaching a course and start to wonder, "What are my students thinking?" Well, Harmonize polls is going to make that really easy to find out. Follow the steps outlined below to add a stand-alone Harmonize poll to your course!


CANVAS USERS - Please click here to review our support blog article about adding Harmonize Polls in Canvas Modules and Canvas Assignments.

  1. Choose Poll from the Harmonize component selector.

    Choose "Poll" from the Harmonize Component Selector

  2. Select an existing poll if one has already been made or click "Create New" to build a new poll. 
  3. Give the poll a name, then decide if the poll will be non-graded or graded.
    Note: Graded polls are built differently depending on the LMS that you are using. For more information, visit our support article on Creating a Graded Discussion.

    Give your poll a name and choose whether it is a graded or ungraded poll.

  4. Click the "Create Poll" button. This will bring up the edit screen for the poll.

    Click "Create Poll" when ready to begin editing your Harmonize Poll

  5. Create a new prompt for your poll and in the area below begin to add your poll options. For more options, click "Add Option."
  6. Choose how the poll results will appear to others. Your options are Always, After Participant Votes or the Poll is Closed, After the Poll is Closed, or Never.

    Select the visibility options for your poll's results to others

  7. Use the Harmonize Editor to add more text, non-executable code, images, web links, recorded audio or video, or add an additional poll. Use the arrows on the right to move images and files above the poll or remove a row by clicking the "X".

    Click the "Add Media" button from the Harmonize editor tool tray to add files, images, videos, and more
  8. Once you are finished creating your poll, click Save and Close. The poll will now appear in your LMS for students to access and make their selections.

    Finished poll ready for student submissions

Viewing Results

The poll pictured below is set to show results after voting and shows the poll's current results. Note that instructors are given the option to close the poll and download a summary of the poll results or a list of the poll participants. 

Finished poll showing results

The summary of results shows a list of the responses, the number of responses received, and the percentage of overall responses for each, while the participant list will show a breakdown of every student's last name, first name, I.D. and the percentage they completed.

Summary of results

Participant list

Graded and ungraded polls will appear the same to a student. Though a poll does not have a correct or incorrect answer, the instructor can see how many participants have responded, close the poll, or download results. Student activity, including the percentage of the questions answered, will populate in the grade book. 

Polling will populate the LMS grade book as students participate

Editing a Poll

To edit a poll, click the three dot menu where you will find the edit button as well as another link to download all poll results. Adjustments may be made from the edit menu as long as the poll has not been closed. 

Click the three dot menu icon and choose "edit" to make any changes to your poll