Adding a Harmonize Component to Modules

  • Select Modules from the Course Menu
  • Click the +Module button


  • From the drop down select External Tool
  • Select Harmonize

  • Select the Harmonize Component to add: Discussion, Poll, Course Q&A, Topic Q&A, Chat, Communication Center. (See further instructions for individual components below.)


  • Select Existing: If you would like to insert an existing Harmonize Topic
  • Create New: If you would like to create a new Harmonize Topic


Select Existing

  • Search for an existing topic or select one from this list
  • Click Add Discussion to add the selected topic to the Module


Create New - Not Graded

  • Not Graded: The default of Non Graded is selected
  • Enter the title of the discussion
  • Click Create Discussion


Create New - Graded

  • To create a Graded Topic, select the Graded option
  • Add the Title of the discussion
  • Click Go to Assignments
  • Follow the instructions on this page to create a Graded Harmonize Assignment.


  • If your topic is a Pending Topic then it is not open, click the x to publish it.  
  • The topic will become visible to students on the topic's Open Date.

Adding a Harmonize Assignment to a Module

  • Repeat the steps above, but select Assignment from the drop down
  • Select the Assignment and click Add Item