Need to do a quick survey, check for understanding, or quiz the class?  Use Harmonize Polling in any discussion topic, post, or Q&A Board to get instant feedback from your students.

Video on how to create a poll.

Step 1:  Look for the Harmonize Polling tool at the bottom of any Harmonize Topic or Post while in edit mode. 

Step 2: Click this icon to add a poll.

Polling Tool icon location within a post.

Step 3:  The Create Poll row will appear in the Harmonize Editor where you can write your Poll Prompt.  This prompt is required to create a poll.

Create Poll Prompt

Step 4: Set poll options for participants to choose from. There are two fields available.  Click "Add Option" for more.

Poll option creation interface.

Step 5:  Decide how you would like participants to see the results of the poll.  You can select from four options: Always, After participant votes or the poll is closed, After the poll is closed, or Never.

Show results drop-down location. Show results options drop-down.

Once you are finished creating your poll, scroll to the bottom of the Harmonize Editor and click "Save and Close."

Your poll will now be visible to participants in your Harmonize Topic or Post.  To end the polling click the "Close Poll" button.

Poll Results

Students can also create polls in their own posts by following the same steps listed here.