Navigate to Harmonize License Administration

  • For Admin Users
  • From any Harmonize Topic, click the Menu button in the upper right hand corner
  • Click License Administration

Access License Administration option from the topic Edit menu.

Alternative Method for Canvas Admins

  • As an Administrator, go to the Admin section and then select the Sub-Account or Course where you have Harmonize configured

    Canvas "Sub-Account" menu item location.

  • Click on Settings, select the Apps tab and click the View App Configurations button

    Canvas "View App Configurations" button.

  • Find Harmonize Discussion in the list, click the gear icon and click Configure
    Canvas External Apps interface.

Setup Ouriginal Integration

  • On the Harmonize License Administration screen, scroll down and find the Ouriginal Administration sectionOuriginal configuration fields within the Harmonize License Administration interface.
  • Enter the Integration Username, Integration Password and Default Receiver Address(Email)
  • Click the Add button then close the screen