The Equation Editor can be accessed when creating a Harmonize Discussion, creating a post, or adding a comment. Select from an organized library of symbols and operators to help you quickly create equations or type your equation in LaTeX.

Accessing the Equation Editor

  • In the Text Edit menu, click the Equation Icon to open the Equation Editor.

  • The Equation Editor will open in Simple View by default, but you may switch to Advanced View if desired.

Simple View

  • Commands may be entered in the Simple View using the syntax "\<command>". For example, entering "\sqrt" and pressing the SPACE bar creates a square root equation). See a full list of commands here.
  • Users may also select from an organized library of symbols and operators to quickly create equations.

Advanced View

  • This view allows you to type or paste in LaTeX
  • See a full list of LaTeX commands here.

Inserting an Equation

  • To insert the equation, click Insert Equation button.
  • To edit the inserted equation, first select the equation, then click the Equation icon.


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