Topic Navigation

  1. Topic Title
  2. Instructions for this topic.  (Click to toggle the display on/off.)
  3. Header Options
    1. Chat: Send and receive messages with your classmates and teachers.  (If enabled.) 
      1. See Harmonize Chat for more details.
    2. Tips: Access tips on how to use Harmonize or contact Harmonize support.
    3. Notification Bell: Activity feed of all notifications.
    4. Calendar: View a list of meetings scheduled through Harmonize.
    5. Profile Picture: Click to add additional information about yourself.
  4. Menu options to print the topic, view assignment or course activity, and access settings.
  5. Quick actions to:
    1. Watch Topic: Set yourself to watch this topic so you will get activity notifications.
    2. Activity: View the activity of each user in this topic
    3. Edit: Edit the settings for this topic.
    4. Toggle full screen
  6. Create a new post in this topic.
  7. Toggle between Grid and List view.
  8. Change the sort order of posts in this topic 
  9. Search for posts and comments in this topic.

Layout of the header for a topic.

The Front of the Card can display the following:

  • The user who created the Post.  
    • If it was an instructor, an apple icon will appear next to the users name.
    • If the user is currently available for chat, an availability icon will display.
  • A flag icon. indicating the post was flagged for follow up.
  • Reactions on the post, clicking on the reactions displays users that have reacted.
  • # of Comments made on the Post
  • # of Media Files attached
  • # of Comments made by the Teacher
  • If there is a new Post, you have not viewed, then NEW will appear in the top left hand corner
  • If the Topic has a due date and the Post was submitted late then LATE (in red) will appear in the top left hand corner
  • Clicking on the Card will display the details of the Post