Enabling Unicheck at the Assignment

  • As a Faculty Member, click Edit on the topic and navigate to the "Post Settings" tab.
  • Check the box next to Unicheck Settings to Send student submissions to Unicheck

Unicheck checkbox in the topic edit interface.

  • After the student clicks Publish on a Post, the assignment or discussion topic will automatically be sent to Unicheck.
  • While the submission is being processed, the Unicheck Icon will read "Processing".
  • Once the submission is complete, the student and teacher will see the score.
  • Students can submit their discussion or assignment two times, after that there is a 24 hour holding period before Unicheck will process the next submission.

Note:  The student's score will only be visible to the student and teacher.  The teacher will be able to see the score in Speed Grader (Canvas)

Unicheck "processing" state.

  • After Unicheck processes the score, the score will be returned on the submission.
  • Clicking on the Unicheck icon will open the results from Unicheck in a new window.

Unicheck done processing state with score visible.