Enable Ouriginal Submission for a Topic

  • Make sure that the Ouriginal integration with Harmonize has been configured.
  • As a Faculty Member, navigate to your Harmonize Topic and click the Edit button.

    Harmonize Topic Edit Button.
  • Within Settings, select the Post Settings tab, find the check the Ouriginal Settings field and check the box labeled Send student submissions to Ouriginal.

    Ouriginal Settings checkbox within the Topic Edit interface.
  • Click the Save and Close button at the bottom of the page.

Faculty and Student View

  • After Ouriginal Submissions are enabled, all student posts will be submitted automatically.
  • When posts are first submitted, the Ouriginal Score will show as processing.

    Student Post Ouriginal Score Processing.
  • After processing, the Ouriginal Score will update to show the score.

    Harmonize Post Ouriginal Score Display.
  • Clicking on the Ouriginal Score will open the results in Ouriginal.
  • Students can submit their discussion or assignment two times after that there is a 24 hour holding period before Ouriginal will process the next submission.
  • Note:  Each student's score will only be visible to that student and the teacher, not other students. The teacher will be able to see the score in the grading view.