Harmonize has added the new feature Auto-Grading to "Milestones" allowing instructors the ability to set participation points for each individual task in an online discussion.  Points will be assigned and populate the LMS grade book as milestones are reached - once the activity is completed, or the due date arrives.

To set up auto participation points for a milestone in a graded harmonize discussion, start by going to the "Milestone Due Dates & Auto-Grading" tab while editing your Harmonize discussion assignment.  

Add Milestone

Once you add a milestone, click the "Turn on Participation Auto-Grading" toggle.  This will provide a text box where you can enter points for each Milestone created.  As you add Milestones a running total of points will appear at the bottom of this screen.

Toggle auto-grading on to enable point entry.

Grade Passback Clarification

Harmonize will pass a score in the form of a percentage to your LMS grading system.  If you set the total number of points possible for the assignment in the LMS to be exactly the same as the total participation score created in Harmonize, then you will see the same number of points earned by the students appear in your LMS.  For example: 10/25 points earned by the student in an assignment with 25 possible points will appear in your LMS grade program as a 10.  If the total number is not the same, then a score equivalent to the percentage of points earned will be populated.  For example: 10/25 participation points will populate a score of 40% or 40/100 in the LMS.