Student Facilitation is a powerful tool for increasing engagement within your discussions and promote deeper learning for your students.  Learn how student facilitators can enhance your online discussions.

Configuring Student Facilitators

  1. Open your discussion and edit the settings.
  2. Click on the Student Facilitators tab.

    Harmonize Discussion Settings Student Facilitators Tab
  3. Click the toggle button to turn student facilitation on.  This will display the fields you need to setup your student facilitators.

    Harmonize Discussion Student Facilitation Enabled
  4. Select one or more students from the Assign Facilitators drop down.

    Harmonize Discussion Student Facilitators Tab Assign Facilitators Drop Down
  5. Default instructions are automatically added for student facilitators, but you can edit the instructions however you see fit.  However, at some instructions are required when you have Student Facilitation turned on.
  6. Click Save & Close to save the settings.

Student Facilitators in Discussions

  • Once student facilitators are configured for a discussion, they will be listed underneath the discussion instructions.

    Harmonize Discussion Student Facilitators Listing
  • Student facilitators and instructors will also see a Facilitator Instructions button on the right. Pressing that button will display the instructions.

    Harmonize Discussion Student Facilitator Instructions Modal
    • Note that students that are selected as facilitators will see these instructions automatically the first time they open the discussion after they have been assigned
  • Students facilitators will get a unique badge next to their name throughout the discussion to help denote their role.

    Harmonize Discussion Student Facilitator Comment on Post