Instructors can create ungraded discussions in Harmonize.

Creating an Ungraded Harmonize Discussion

From the Harmonize Communication Center

  • Navigate to the Harmonize Communication Center and click the Discussions card.

  • Alternatively, click the Harmonize link in the Canvas Course Navigation (Canvas only)

From the Harmonize Navigation Menu

  • Open any Harmonize component.
  • Click the Grid icon to open the Component Drawer and choose Discussions.

The Harmonize Discussions Page

At the top of the Harmonize Discussions landing page you'll find the usual Harmonize Navigation Menu. Beneath that menu you'll find quick links to Course Topic Activity, which displays activity for all Harmonize Topics & Assignments in the course and the +Topic button. 

Use the Filters and Menu Options to organize your topic list.


  • All:  Displays All topics (Current, Upcoming & Closed)
  • Current:  Displays topics that have an Available From and Available Until date that is within the current date or no dates set
  • Upcoming:  Display topics that the Available From date is in the future (Note:  These are only visible to the Instructor)
  • Closed: Display topics that have an Available Until date in the past
  • Hidden: Display topics that have been hidden from students

  • Edit Topic:  Takes the Instructor to edit the topic settings
  • Open in a New Tab:  Opens the topic in a new tab
  • Hide Topic from Students: Hides the topic from students on this page.  Existing links to this discussion in course modules are unaffected.
  • Delete Topic:  Deletes the topic
  • View Activity: Opens the activity reporting for the individual topic

Creating an Ungraded Harmonize Discussion

  • From the Harmonize Discussions page, click the +Topic button.

  • Enter a title for your discussion, then click Create Discussion.
    • NOTE: Only ungraded discussion topics can be created from this interface. If you'd prefer to create a graded discussion, see Creating Graded Discussions.

A Quick Note for Blackboard, D2L | Brightspace, and Moodle Users: Ungraded discussions can also be created by following the steps for creating graded discussions and choosing the "Not Graded" option from the "Is this discussion a graded assignment?" section of the Create Discussion prompt.


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