The Harmonize Activity & Grading Report interface provides instructors with all the data and information necessary to grade student participation and submissions in one window.  Entering the grade manually, or using Harmonize Auto-Participation Grading, will then populate in the Brightspace grade book when using Harmonize for a graded discussion.  

If you would prefer to use a Brightspace Rubric to assess students in the graded Harmonize Discussion instead of the Harmonize Auto-Participation Grade feature, you can watch this short instructional video or follow the written directions below.

Step 1: Create a rubric in your Brightspace course if you do not already have one made for your graded Harmonize Discussion.

Click the "New" icon on the Brightspace Rubrics page

Step 2:  Go to the assignment column in your Brightspace grade book and click the drop down arrow to the right of the assignment title, then choose "Edit"

From the drop down arrow next to an assignment's title you can choose Edit

Step 3: The "Edit Item" window will open.  Scroll down through the Properties tab and you will find "Add Rubric" below the Grade Scheme area.

Click Add Rubric to choose a rubric you have already created, or select "Create Rubric in New Window" to make a new rubric

Step4:  Once the rubric is added you can scroll to the bottom and click "Save and Close."  Your Brightspace Rubric is now attached to the Harmonize graded discussion and can be used to manually enter a score for students.

Brightspace does not support the automatic population of student data from LTI tools like Harmonize directly into a Brightspace Rubric.  Therefore, for the most efficient grading experience, we recommend that you use two browser windows.  One window can be used to view the Harmonize Activity Report with student submissions and scores, and then a second window to open the Brightspace grade book and rubric interface.