There are three options for configuring how a user's identity is displayed within a topic: 

  1. Posts and comments always show user’s identity -  This is the default setting. It requires all users to post as themselves.
  2. Allow anonymous posts and comments-  This setting allows users to choose if they want to post or comment anonymously or not.
    1. This option is only available for discussion topics that are not graded.
    2. NOTE:  This option is only available in Canvas if you are creating a Harmonize Topic.
  3. All student posts and comments are anonymous -  This setting requires all students to post anonymously. Instructors may choose to post anonymously or not.
    1. The students remain anonymous during grading


  • These options are available when you are creating a Harmonize Discussion.  
  • Canvas Only: If you are linking Harmonize to an assignment, then the anonymous settings will be inherited from the Settings > Features > Anonymous Grading is enabled on. To learn more about Harmonize Anonymous Settings in Canvas, see Anonymous Posts (Canvas).

NOTE: For gradable topics, the anonymous settings in Harmonize will be tied directly to your LMS's anonymous settings for that assignment.  For example, in Canvas, if you were to configure an assignment to use Anonymous Grading and were to then tie a Harmonize assignment to it, Harmonize will detect the anonymous setting from Canvas and require anonymous posts in the assignment.

Posting Anonymously

Once you have enabled a topic to allow anonymous posts, users will be presented with a toggle that allows them to post anonymously.

Toggle to post anonymously at the bottom of the create interface.

When you select to post anonymously, your name is replaced with a randomized alias and your profile picture is replaced with a generic image.

Anonymized name and profile pic display after you toggle anonymous on.

When posting anonymously, all users see your alias.

Example of a published anonymous post.

You can always see what your assigned alias is within a topic by clicking on your profile picture in the topic header.

Click your profile pick to see your alias