Harmonize Discussions can be created in Blackboard Learn as both graded or ungraded activities.  When creating a new Harmonize Discussion, click the "Gradable" button and set your max score points for a graded activity.

Toggle to make a Harmonize topic gradable.Once students have participated in the discussion, click "Grades & Activity" from the top menu of the Harmonize Discussion.  This will open the Harmonize Discussion Activity Report where the instructor can view the activity, content, and data for each individual student in that Harmonize Discussion.


Once the Activity Report is opened grades can be added at the top of the screen for each student.  Clicking the Submit & Next button will also populate the assignment grade in the BlackBoard Grade Center.  See image below.

Harmonize topic grading interface.

Refer to the GIF below to see each step in this process with directions.

Animation showing setup of gradable Harmonize topic in Blackboard