The Harmonize Communication Center is single page where Instructors and Students can access everything they need in Harmonize.


In all supported LMSs, you can create a link to the Harmonize communication Center by launching the Harmonize resource selector and selecting Communication Center:

Harmonize Resource Selector Communication Center Option

Note: Canvas users also have access to the Harmonize Communication Center in their course navigation with the Harmonize link.

Communication Center

The Harmonize Communication Center currently has 4 options:

  • Discussions takes users to the topic list page where all ungraded discussions for the course are listed.
  • Course Q&A takes instructors and students to the Course Q&A (if enabled) or instructors to the Course Q&A settings (if disabled).
  • Chat launches chat in a new window. (Note: This option will be hidden for any user that disables chat).
  • Settings takes users to their Harmonize profile page where they can manage information about themselves and adjust their notification and chat settings.